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You have an opportunity to improve the health of your employees every day. Making small changes to your workplace and company policies is a great way to start, and it’s where you can make the biggest impact. Below, you’ll find the tools and support to build a culture of health at work — and see how Kaiser can help guide you along the way.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Resources

Anthem Blue Cross

Time Well Spent® is a toolkit focused on building a healthier, more productive workforce. Access resources for learning how to build your wellness strategy, tools to help plan, and materials to educate your employees.

Anthem Resources

Kaiser Permanente

Use Time Well Spent® ’s employer tools to help build your workplace wellness strategy, featuring their own employer and member webinars, custom wellness calendars, challenges, and more.

Empire Resources

Your health engagement journey begins with a health assessment to better understand the unique needs of your workforce community. From there, your dedicated Health Engagement Team will partner with you to customize a program that:

  • Connects your company’s values with employee values in the workplace
  • Bridges the gap between employees at work, and their family and home
  • Links employees and families to health resources, right in their community

Cigna's programs are designed to evaluate, educate, engage and empower individuals – whether they need support managing a chronic condition, or just some motivation to stay healthy.

Kaiser Permanente

Cigna Resources

Resources for Under 500 Employee Groups

Resources for Over 500 Employee Groups

Aetna health and wellness programs and resources are personalized to help meet the needs of each person, whether he or she is healthy or dealing with a new or ongoing health issue. Their suite of more 70 wellness programs spans the continuum of care, from biometric screenings and tobacco cessation programs to healthy lifestyle coaching. The programs give people ways to stay healthy while preventing more serious issues. 

Aetna Resources

Blue Shield’s wellness programs and resources are designed to help improve the health of your employees and their families. Whether they are in good health or are faced with managing an acute or chronic condition, Blue Shield can help them on their way to better health.

Blue of California

Blue Shield of California Resources

UnitedHealthcare Resources

All medical plans include the UnitedHealth Wellness portfolio of programs and services. Your employees will enjoy access to useful tools and offerings, including:

  • Online health assessments
  • Online health improvement programs
  • Personal health records
  • Discounts of 10 - 50 percent on health and wellness services not covered by the plan
  • Personal support through all stages of pregnancy and delivery

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