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Closing the Conversation Gap at Your Startup


Thursday, January, 24th

8:30am - 10:00am 

Breakfast will be served



Closing the Conversation Gap
at Your Startup

Criteo HQ

387 Park Ave South, 12th Floor


Please join us for a workshop led by Sarah Sheehan and Toby Hervey, co-founders of Bravely, a platform that connects employees with professional coaches for confidential conversations about whatever they're facing at work. They'll discuss the ways in which people routinely avoid approaching issues with their colleagues, bosses, and HR teams, and share tips for encouraging dialogue at your company. Learn about the causes of this "conversation gap," the impact it has on your culture and bottom line, and how you can take steps to close it.

About the Session:

387 Park Ave S. 12th Floor

New York, NY 10016


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